Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trailer Life

Two six-foot plus guys in a small '70s era trailer.  Four days a week.  It's not just a sitcom, it's our lives...
It's starting to feel like home
Kevin and I spend four days a week at the building site.  We're staying in a '70s era 20 foot trailer.  It's cozy and welcoming (despite door signs otherwise).  It used to be a ski trailer, the previous owner parked it up near a ski resort for the winters.  It's got a wood burning stove, and old skis screwed and glued to the outside of the trailer.  It's quite a sight out here right on a bay filled with four-bedroom homes and other non-mobile living arrangements.  

Before Kevin towed the trailer out to the site, we installed a kitchen area and some bunk beds and new flooring.  We built a deck and outdoor shower, which is pretty nice after working all day though a bit chilly before the summer heat arrives. 
Installing the deck.
So what do two bearded men do in a small trailer after the work day is over?  Well, we've got a small stereo system so there's usually music or radio programs. The kitchen set-up is modest but serviceable so we usually cook something up, and this being a trailer, that something involves at least canned item per regulations.  We talk and drink wine.  We look out at the bay. 

Who needs a corkscrew when you have pry bars and power tools?
Good meal, bad facial hair.
Kevin's dog Huck pays a visit.

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