Friday, July 5, 2013

Dystopian Lawn

Concrete, I found out, cures best in terms of strength and uniform color when submerged in water.  Thus, we had to keep the slab wet for as long as possible, day and night.  This was no small task in consistently 85 degree cloudless days.  Time to bring in the sprinklers.

Kevin and I experimented with various combinations of sprinklers in different places.  We tried the classic CHK CHK CHK, BRRRRR ones, we tried the more pleasant arcing SHHHHHH ones.  We decided to use both to get the most coverage, with least overlap.

After turning the sprinklers on, it felt like we were watering our big hard cement lawn.  And then there was nothing left to do but have a mid-summer lawn party.  Our special guest Joanna led the way with bathing suits and frolicking.

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